Part I - Written Examination

The ABOI/ID Part I written examination consists of 200 multiple-choice test questions. Each edition of this examination is developed according to the Test Specifications found at the end of this document. The Specifications are based on findings derived from the ABOI/ID’s practice analysis of all registered Diplomates. These analyses elicit information about the activities that Diplomates perform in order to render safe and effective patient care in their practices. So that the Test Specifications are kept current, the Board repeats these practice analyses periodically. If you are preparing to take the certification examination review the Test Specifications carefully.

The examination is experientially based. The questions require candidates to apply their knowledge of implant dentistry to clinical situations, rather than to merely recall or recognize specific facts. Each test item contains a question that is followed by suggested answers. Candidates are asked to choose the best answer.

In 2018, the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry (ABOI/ID) began the process of conducting a practice analysis in order to update its test specifications to reflect current practice and to support the validity of the exam by providing a link between patient-care activities and test content.

View the 2018 Practice Analysis Information Document

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