Logo Usage Policy

1. All rights to the ABOI/ID logo are owned and controlled by the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry. The ABOI/ID logo, when used with an appropriate identifying phrase, is the collective mark that may only be used by ABOI/ID Diplomates in good standing. Any reproduction or use by a non-Diplomate is strictly prohibited. Use of the ABOI logo is limited to:

      Professional stationery;


      Business and referral cards;

      Interior or exterior doors and windows only in all ABOI/ID Diplomate offices;

      Personal or all ABOI/ID Diplomate professional web sites

2. The logo must always be accompanied by the phrase: “Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry” OR " Board Certified by the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry"

3. The ABOI/ID logo may only be used on websites maintained by ABOI/ID Diplomates for the purposes of advertising, marketing, or informing the public of implant services available through their practice. The logo may only be used once on the website, either on the home page or the first page, to establish Diplomate status with the ABOI/ID. A link to the ABOI/ID website must also be included when the logo is used on a website. The ABOI/ID website address is www.aboi.org. No external links from the ABOI logo to another website, whether owned or controlled by the Diplomate, are permitted.

4. The logo will be provided in electronic form as a PDF file and must be used without modification in size, unless the modification results in a reduction in the size of the logo to fit on a business card. File format conversion is permissible in GIF or JPEG format. No other customization or modification of the logo is permitted. No color change is permitted. No animation or other graphic modification of the logo is permitted when it is used in electronic format.

5. The ABOI/ID logo shall not be used for any commercial endorsement or in any way that implies a commercial endorsement by or partnership with the ABOI/ID.

6. If the logo is used in the promotion of a group practice where not all of the dentists in that practice are ABOI/ID Diplomates, use of the logo is restricted only to the biographical page of the dentists who are in fact Diplomates, and may not be used to promote the practice as a whole.

7. Diplomates in good standing must review and sign the ABOI/ID Logo Licensing Agreement prior to using the ABOI/ID logo. Diplomates must also be in good standing with the ABOI/ID for such a request to be approved, and must remain in good standing in order to continue to use the logo under license from the ABOI/ID.

For additional information, please email diplomate@aboi.org.

Agreement for licensing of ABOI/ID logo

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