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Thursday, March 14, 2024–Sunday, March 17, 2024


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This course is intended to be a comprehensive review of selected subject matter related to the assessment, treatment planning, surgical management, prosthodontic restoration, and maintenance of dental implants. The information in this course may prove helpful in preparing for the incorporation of dental implantology into a clinician's practice activities.
It should be noted that a three day review course is not intended to substitute for in-depth training in the discipline of oral implantology.  The content of this program may prove to be helpful as an adjunct in preparation for written and oral examinations where a clinical and theoretical knowledge base in oral implantology is necessary. 

If you plan on challenging the ABOI Diplomate examination this program will serve as a guide for you to determine what you need to review prior to the examination. This program has a strong emphasis on the oral examination but will also be helpful with the written examination.

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See what 2023 participants had to say about the course:

"Virtual worked great for me. Advantages: Cost savings: No plane ticket, no hotel, no UBER, no restaurants. Time saving: No travel time. Able to do household chores during breaks. Home with family after sessions. Better learning environment."

"I looove these ABOI review courses. Thank you. I will attend to each and every one. It helps me to improve clinically."

"It also has drastically improved my speaking and my accent. Thank you for all the work and effort."

"Great course! Great course, Thank you for the review! Great course! All instructors were very helpful.  Very well structured four days course."

"Excellent speaker line up. I am little ways from my Diplomate exam yet, but tremendous learning this weekend. I have a decent idea of the Diplomate exam process. I am confident this knowledge will make me a better clinician."

"Thanks again for a wonderful review course. Thank you for the review. It was extremely helpful.  Great course. Appreciate the time of the lecturers and their insight. Thank you very much."

"Outstanding! Great learning. Thank you my esteemed mentors. It was a very comprehensive and well organized review. Thank you! Many thanks for such a great setup .."

"Bravo Amazing course and thank you very much for sharing knowledge and experience. Wow!!! Great Job Excellent review course Thanks"

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