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Happy Holidays on Behalf of the ABOI/ID Board of Directors

December 7, 2017 | Announcement

Each year the ABOI/ID Board of Directors look back at the past year to review thier accomplishments as well as look forward to the goals for the coming year.  2017 was certainly a year of successes for the ABOI/ID.  We are proud to report the following accomplishments:

  • We had a record number of candidates taking the board certification examination
  • 39 new Diplomates were inducted
  • Communication with international organizations is increasing to spread the word about the ABOI/ID
  • Victory in the state of Texas !!  ABOI/ID Diplomates in Texas can now call themselves specialists in Implantology

The ABOI/ID Board of Directors will continue to do the following:

  • defend the Diplomate credential whether the challenges include trademark infringement issues or protect the Diplomate credential from those who fraudulently pose as ABOI/ID Diplomates
  • continue communicating with International organizations to ensure they are aware that they can apply to become Diplomates
  • ensure that the Diplomate status that YOU have worked so hard to achieve is never diluted

Additionally, the ABOI/ID is a stand alone organization and will remain as such.

As President of the ABOI/ID and on behalf of the ABOI/ID Board of Directors I would like to wish  you and your family all the best in 2018.

Kevin O'Grady, DDS

ABOI/ID President