2023 Application Requirements

Beginning in 2023 the following requirements will be in place for dentists who would like to challenge the ABOI/ID examination.

Routes and CE Requirements for ABOI/ID

All candidates will be required to take the written examination

All candidates must have completed a minimum of 150 cases

CE requirements will be as follows beginning in 2023 and reaching the goal of 1200 hours by 2028:

            2023: 740 CE hours

            2024: 810 CE hours

            2025: 900 CE hours

            2026: 1000 CE hours

            2027: 1100 CE hours

            2028: 1200 CE hours

Candidates must show proof of a minimum of 600 implant-related CE hours to sit for the written examination and the balance provided to ABOI/ID Headquarters prior to taking the Part II Oral Examination.          

All candidates will be required to pass the written examination first and they will then have 4 years from the date of their original application submission to successfully complete the oral examination process. 

Should a candidate fail the examination three times, they will be required to submit a new application, requalify and begin the process as if they were a new candidate.

Route 1

Residents of the following specialties will be eligible to take the written examination upon completion of a two-year residency program based in the United States or Canada:


    Oral and Maxillofacial SurgerPeriodontics



Route 2

General dentists

Participants of a United States based GPR program

AAID Associate Fellows and Fellows

International doctors (those who reside anywhere other than the United States or Canada)

GPR programs will be awarded 200 hours for a 1-year program and 400 for a 2-year program.         

No additional CE recognition will be awarded for programs longer than 2 years in length.

AAID Associate Fellows and Fellows will be awarded 100 CE hours for being awarded their designation.

International doctors must show evidence of CE translated into English.  If the international doctor has completed a specialty training program, they will be awarded 400 CE hours of recognition with a letter from their program director showing successful completion of the program.